I mentioned in my last post that I wont buy a particular cosmetic product if it doesn’t make my check list. This is very true. But hard to apply when you had become so used to over buying everything for a few years. I think having my own little family is what changed my priorities. Being a wife, and a parent to three cats shifted things for me. Your thoughts go from “I heard Hard Candy came out with some new cream shadows. I have to try em!” to “I need to get the peanut butter for my husbands lunch on Monday, and all they have is chunky not creamy!” Of course I want to look presentable and glam up every so often. Far enough. We all like that from time to time. But there is this breath of a fresh air in being more worried about something outside of the aesthetic. 

Now a days, I can completely pass sephora or ulta without a second thought. The first few times, my husband was in disbelief. He thought at first it was because I didn’t have enough money. or because they didn’t have what I wanted. But when he started noticing me throwing away and giving away makeup, he seemed to understand without me saying anything. I’ve gotten a question once here on tumblr asking whether I will do makeup posts anymore on my blog. The answer is yes…and no. I don’t want my online posts to give a false reflection of who I am in the outside world. So if I buy something new, yes I will post about it. But I wont buy it for a blog entry. If it’s not something I’m going to use regularly, it’s a waste of money. 


[Three images: one showing a crochet scarf in bi colors, one showing crochet bookmarks in bi colors, and one showing the cover image for the book Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution]

Just a friendly reminder that whoever donates $50+ on my fundraiser to help me attend the Lammys in NYC gets a scarf, a bookmark, and a digital copy of the book.

Isn’t that awesome? :)

Real opening credits from Supernatural.


realest shit ever.

my heart is breaking